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OC Sports is dedicated to provide its participants an enhanced football experience while watching your favorite NFL teams from week to week, and perhaps root for those not-so-favorite teams you get stuck watching on cable or broadcast TV.

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Recent News / League Information

  • Congratulations to our 2023 Season Winners:
    Overall Champion: Grizzly50ae
    Locks Champions: HAMMERASS, Rubber
    Survivor Pool Winner - rgthomas17
  • Week 18 Winner - Rubber
    Week 17 Winners - 4 desert rats, Anastasia, Fern, FlyingElvis, Jross888
    Week 16 Winner - Mgd4greg
    Week 15 Winners - HAMMERASS and JJ
    Week 14 Winners - All The Way Up, ATLiens2021, MackRoyal, rgthomas17, RobDeer, The Badlands Kids
    Week 13 Winner - AccioWin
    Week 12 Winners - Adam Bomb, Bronx Boy
    Week 11 Winner - uawrocky
    Week 10 Winner - Pimpalicious
    Week 9 Winners - Field Marshal, Grizzly50ae, Kennywood, taxibob, TD Padres!, Tileman
    Week 8 Winners - All The Way Up, Grizzly50ae, Jimmy BoneYard, Rodeo Drive
    Week 7 Winner - ya
    Week 6 Winners - Jross888 and pcwizard
    Week 5 Winners - Fern, Lilstats, Richie, and Village Idiot
    Week 4 Winners - 4 desert rats, and Tileman
    Week 3 Winner - Jimmy BoneYard
    Week 2 Winner - JJ
    Week 1 Winners - 06GTO, 4 desert rats, and Rodeo Drive
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