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Official Rules

(Main Event)
  • Each week, you will select which football team you think will cover the spread in each game.
  • Each successful pick is worth one point.
  • You may change your pick(s) at any time up until the start of each individual game.
  • Picks for all players will be visible as each game gets started (see League Picks tab). Thus, on Sunday @ noon you will be able to view everyone's picks for the morning games, but the afternoon games will still be hidden.
  • DEFAULT PICKS - If you forget to make your picks or choose not to make a selection for one or more games, your picks will be submitted for you at the start of each game. The team selected is based on your preference in the User Profile page (Home, Away, Favorite, Underdog). Default picks made by the system will be noted on the picks page.
  • In the case where the game ends in a tie based on the spread (Carolina 24 - Green Bay 21 , GB +3), all players will earn one point for their pick.
  • The top player(s) with the most picks each week wins the weekly prize. If more than one person has the most picks, each person will equally share the weekly prize.
  • At then end of the regular season, the top overall players will be awarded the grand prize. The number of places paid will be determined by the number of paid players at the start of the season.
  • Each week, you will select one team you are certain will cover the spread. This is your 'Lock of the Week'.
  • This pick can be any team playing that week.
  • Each team you choose correctly will earn you one point.
  • In order for you to get a point, YOU MUST HAVE AN OUTRIGHT WINNER.
  • Your default pick DOES NOT cover the lock of the week. You must make this selection yourself.
  • Once your selected team's game has started, you will no longer be able to change your selection.
  • The player who correctly predicts the most locks at the end of the year will win the prize.
  • In case of a tie at the end of the year, the player with the most ties will win the tiebreaker. Remaining players with an equal number of ties will split the payout.
  • The objective is to basically SURVIVE from week to week by selecing a winning team WITHOUT THE SPREAD.
  • Each week you will choose one team (NO POINT SPREAD) to win their game.
  • If the team you selected WINS their game, YOU SURVIVE THE WEEK and move on to the next week.
  • If the team you select loses or ties that week, you are eliminated!
  • You may select any team playing that week, even if you choose not to select them in your Picks pool.
  • In the special case where a game ends in a tie (it does happen!), all players who chose either team as their survivor pick will be eliminated. Your team must win the game outright!
  • The player(s) who survive the longest will split the prize. You do not have to survive the entire season, but only survive longer than everyone else.
  • Official odds will be announced via email to all players on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.
  • Unofficial odds may be posted earlier but may change up until the official odds are posted.
  • Odds are derived using the average odds from all casinos posted on www.jimfeist.com
  • If no line is posted for a specific game on www.jimfeist.com, the line listed at www.vegas.com will be used.
  • Official payouts are based on the number of entrants and will be posted after payments are received from all participants.
  • Here are the official payouts for the 2016 season.
                EXAMPLE:  2016 SEASON - PAYOUT SCHEDULE
                Entry Fees          $ 17,380.00  ($110 x 158 players)
                Admin Fee           $   -316.00  ($2 x 158 players)
                PayPal Fees         $   -142.00
                Total Prize Money   $ 16,922.00

                Weekly Prize        $  4,080.00  ($240 x 17 weeks)
                Survivor            $    800.00
                Lock                $    800.00

                1st Place           $  3,000.00
                2nd Place           $  1,500.00
                3rd Place           $  1,200.00
                4th Place           $  1,000.00
                5th Place           $    800.00
                6th Place           $    650.00
                7th Place           $    550.00
                8th Place           $    450.00
                9th Place           $    400.00
                10th Place          $    350.00
                11th Place          $    300.00
                12th Place          $    250.00
                13th Place          $    225.00
                14th Place          $    200.00
                15th Place          $    150.00

                Last Place          $    217.00
                Total Payouts       $ 16,922.00     
  • Access to the website per season is $125.00 per player.
  • Admministrator fee is $4 per player to cover web hosting costs
  • Your entry fee is valid for all 3 games on the site (Picks, Locks, and Survivor)
  • Unpaid players will forfeit all weekly or season prize money awarded
  • Payment Options are: Venmo (@Paul-Charlton-2) or PayPal (paypal@oc-sports.com)
  • In case of any problems, arguments, or disputes, all final decisions will be made by Paul Charlton and Robert Charlton in accordance to the above mentioned rules.
  • All information posted on this site is confidential and will not be distributed to anyone.
  • Your name, email addresses, and other personal information will not be shown to any other players on this site unless authorized by you.
  • This web site is not authorized to use personal information for spamming, mass-mailing, or other related tasks...
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